Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paradigm Shift

So even though my blog is still new (this is the eighth post), I feel that it is time for me to shift the focus of the blog. From here on out, the focus will be on music, and particularly concerts. The random ramblings are more an item for Facebook status updates.

I don't have anything prepared to post at this moment, but expect to see a more formalized review of the 30 Seconds to Mars concert, and in the future, album reviews. My goal for this week will be to purchase a CD that I normally wouldn't purchase, and post an objective review of it. What this CD will be, I don't know yet. Most of the CD purchases I make are bands that I am already a fan of, so I plan on eventually reviewing a band that I don't like. The first project will probably be music that I haven't heard yet.

If you're a fan of my ramblings, I apologize. It has mostly been a way for me to clear my head at night, which I am steadily becoming less dependent on. Hence the Facebook status updates.

Also, as a last side note for the last post that is non-music related, I made the first steps towards becoming a college student today. I am in contact with an enrollment counselor at University of Phoenix, who has been a great help thus far. Right now, the only obstacle is financing, which I will hopefully be able to tackle. The goal will be to begin my classes by the first week of June, if not the last week of May.

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